Work-Life Balance Yoga  

Find Your Happy Place


WLBY Workshop: Happy Place & Zentangle Combo

(Four hours. Minimum of six, maximum of 10 attendees. Materials included.)

Your Break Has Just Begun

Treat your team to a half-day workshop specially designed for re-calibrating and connecting. Four hours will fly by when combining Zentangle and Yoga for team building, fun, and relaxation.

Connect to Your Happy Place

Explore work-life balance and learn lasting tools for managing stress, increasing focus, and finding your Happy Place. 

Easy-Effortless Yoga

Forget about the back bending and ultra twisting reputation.

This Yoga is gentle and accessible!

It's Fun to Play!

Zentangle, a mindful drawing technique, helps you relax,  embrace creativity, and learn to respond confidently to the unexpected.
And, you don't even need to know how to draw!

Your Feel-Good Toolbox Has Arrived

Take-home tools that include Yoga tools and beginner Zentangle fun.

Beautiful Location

Hosted at the Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics,a peaceful healing center on the east side of Tucson.


Mindfulness Activities

Gentle Yoga Movement
Breathing Exercises

Visualization Exercises

Guided Relaxation

Zentangle Drawing


Explore Work-Life Balance

Focus and Attention

Resiliency Insights
Stress Reduction

Team Building



Each participant will have access to downloadable
take-home practices. 


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Harmonious Connections

Sarah Beaudry

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