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Experience playful discovery in Zentangle and Work-Life Balance Yoga (WLBY) workshops.


Providing you with take-home tools and tips for stress-reduction in fun and interactive workshops.


In-person or online options and exclusive digital content for workshop participants.

If we live as we breathe, take in and let go, we cannot go wrong. — Clarissa Pinkola Estes

About Sarah

1. Yoga Professional: delivering tools for body, breath and mind connections in soul-nourishing workshops.

2. Work-Life Balance Connector: giving back and sharing practical tools for stress reduction.

3. Zentangle Enthusiast: following the fun on a mindful path to beautiful drawings.

The World is But a Canvas to Our Imagination. — Henry David Thoreau


Harmonious Connections


Yoga Just for You

Nourish Your Soul

Pause, stretch, clear your mind, feel grounded and body-aware as you participate in small-group and personalized Blessings Yoga classes.

WLBY Recipes

Find Your Happy Place


Discover a work-life balance recipe that includes Yoga tools you can use anytime, anywhere. The perfect session for in-person or online events.

Zentangle Fun

Get Your Tangle On!

Draw simple Zentangle patterns, a fun way to create beautiful images with simple drawing techniques. Follow the pen in-person or online.

Yoga Joy Online

Welcome Joy Into Your Day 

It's easy and fun to treat yourself to 20 minutes of Yoga Joy from the comfort of your home or work space.


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